Link Building Techniques

Link Building Techniques

Link Building Techniques You’ve Been Overlooking

Link building is one of the building blocks of search engine optimization. It can increase your online presence and help build your brand. There are many kinds of link building techniques, but some of them are way past their sell-by dates and will no longer deliver the results that you want. Others still work, but are overused and abused. If you truly want to build links effectively and unconventionally, use the techniques listed below. They are typically overlooked even by some of the most seasoned search engine optimization experts:

  1. Help webmasters – Tell them about dead or broken links on their website and suggest on their site, and suggest that they update the link to point to page on your website that adds value to their post. Read and review the webmaster’s flagship or old content, and show them the research or content you have done to improve or solidify their claims. Giving them the opportunity to refresh their content can be your chance to build a relationship with them.

    Another way to help webmasters is by creating a badge scheme, such as ‘Top 100 SEO Blogs,’ and then giving one for them to put on their site. The badge scheme is a win-win arrangement—it adds authority to their website and gives you link juice.


  3. IFTTT – ‘If This Then That’ or IFTTT is a great tool for automated link target discovery. The platform is typically used for social media and other tasks like sending networking emails and fulfilling organizational tasks, but it can be used for automated link building, too. It notifies you each time you get mentioned online or when questions about your niche are asked on sites like Twitter, Yahoo!, and Quora, so you can answer them yourself. Likewise, it can help you spot PR opportunities from publications journalists and show you when certain sites are linking to your competitors, so you can look into them and find out how they can link you as well.

  5. Audio content – Create an audio version of your content so people who have no time to read can listen to it instead. This may help increase the number of people organically linking back to your content.

  7. Quote or click-to-tweet opportunities – These provide a viral aspect to your content and make it easier for others to quote you.

  9. Facebook – If you have the budget, Facebook ads to target journalists who can create backlinks for press releases. It’s certainly worth looking into.

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