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    It’s time to move on from the old and archaic marketing methods to fresher and more exciting marketing campaigns that gets the results. At the top of that niche is SEO.

    Search engine placement strategies have become part and parcel of website building in the past couple of years for a good reason. Search Engine Optimization has become the be-all, end-all in online marketing campaigns.

    SEOResellers Canada takes the cake when it comes to driving considerable traffic to a website. The added online exposure your website can get will translate to sales. It goes without saying that if a business owner wants a shot at competing in their industry, a website with optimization implemented on it plays a major role in their success.

    Reports say that ranking high organically in search engines yields better traffic results than Pay-Per-Click advertising by about 94%. While PPC requires the business owner to shell out money for advertising banner exposure, SEO utilizes methods to cull organic traffic for effective exposure with only a small monthly investment required.

    One of the fundamental steps to SEO is link building. The recent Google Penguin algorithm introduction paved the way for stronger link building, particularly in the local niche. Business owners that offer their products and services to local areas should take advantage of link building. Linking to various websites and establishments that are also located locally can strengthen your place in search engines and make sure that your business is future algorithm change-proof.

    Furthermore, a lot of businesses still use the old methods of link building and don’t see the potential in local link building. This is why local business owners should tap into this. It is relatively unsaturated and the links are solid backlinkss for SEO.

    Another method of online marketing is social media. Social Media takes a top spot when it comes to efficacy in generating traffic. Billions of people use social media on a daily basis.

    Which self-respecting modern man doesn’t own a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or even a Pinterest account? These people are already present in these platforms so all you need to do is reach out to them. You know where the traffic is so it is up to you to reach out to them and redirect them to your site.

    But social media advertising can take some time to build. Additionally, it requires regular updates so people will remain interested. Letting your social media accounts rest for a few days can mean loss of interest and then eventually, lost of revenues.

    Many business owners find outsourcing social media experts an effective solution to their problem. Time constraints can be solved by outsourcing social media services. A team of expert social media marketers will make sure your social media accounts are updated regularly with interesting and click-worthy links.

    Using videos for promotion is also highly valued in SEO. Search engines such as Google have a specific tab for video searches, which makes searching virtually easier for online users. This is also one of the relatively unused business strategies.

    For instance, business owners can upload a simple video showcasing their local services, introduce products they sell or give them a virtual tour of their local business to attract more clients. Research suggests that people are more likely to watch videos rather than read articles. This short attention span problem results to better exposure for videos.

    It’s so easy to go online these days, watch videos and browse websites. With the existence of smart phones and tablets, anyone can go online anywhere. This window of opportunity should not be wasted. Business owners should create websites that are not only optimized but are also responsive.

    Responsive websites offer better viewing and reading experience on hand-held devices. Simply put, if you have a responsive website, you can make sure that your viewer will stay long enough for you to introduce what you are offering instead of them quickly leaving and clicking the “x” button.

    When the website is established, it is time to have it listed in directories. Many would say directory listing is old news. Not true. Directory listing is still relevant.

    Not only will this strengthen your SEO standing, it will also help you build links to other relevant businesses that will have a positive effect to your own business. Directory listing contributes to an increase in online exposure, especially if you are running a local business.

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    Can marketing change the world?

    Smart marketing tactics can persuade the target customers to reshape their perspectives, realign their preferences, and influence buying decisions. Brands look at marketing to pursue cold leads, nurture them to warm prospects, and convert them to successful sales and customers.

    Without targeted marketing, brands wouldn’t know how to pursue their customers and how to gain their trust and loyalty. But with marketing techniques like digital marketing, SEO, and PPC, brands get a way to maximize their visibility, create an industry authority position and convince customers that they are an ideal company to solve their specific problems.

    How do you find marketing news?

    A good marketing agency will stay on top of the various trends that dictate the business landscape in the present period. With their knowledge, they stay ahead of the curve, grasp the nuances, and build the systems and processes that allow them to deliver value to their customers.

    Some of the top sites that have news on digital marketing include Think with Google, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Digiday, and Social Media Today.

    Does marketing have a future?

    Marketing will have a future as long as companies try to connect with their human customers. Marketing is usually the first point of contact between the two (be it on Search engine results, on paid ads, or on TV commercials). They help in the overall buyer journey as the casual site visitor converts to a happy customer through a series of lead nurturing and prospecting techniques.

    So yes, marketing will remain if there is a need for businesses to grow the user base.

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