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The most successful online businesses today hire search engine optimization services as part of their overall marketing strategy.What makes SEO solutions so important? The answer is in the numbers. Ninety one percent(91%) of online users today use Google and other search engines to find what they need online. Without a solid SEO campaign, your competitors will outrank you—and they will get a bigger share of the market. You are literally giving free customers away to your competition.

Being on top of Google’s rankings should certainly be one of your priorities. Over 350 million searches are done every day, with search engines indexing over 8 billion websites. More importantly, close to 75% of online transactions start through search, and 87% of the users who initiate those transactions only look at the first page of the results. If your website is not there, they may never find you.

More Statistics Proving the Importance of SEO

  • The power of search engines in terms of building trust is hard to ignore. Most online users trust organic search results and ignore paid ads. In fact, 70% of the links clicked on are organic, and up to 80% of people don’t click on ads.
  • Think social media has beaten search? Think again. A study conducted by Outbrain indicates that search is still the primary driver of traffic, beating social media by over 300%.
  • Ranking on the first page matters now more than ever. In the case of Google, the highest ranking website gets 18% of organic clicks. The second website gets 10%, and the third website gets 7%. The trend is the same for Bing: 9.7% of clicks go to the number one website, 5.5% to number two, and 2.7% to number three. The better you rank, the more potential customers you get.
  • Companies that maintain a blog for SEO and information purposes are indexed more often by search engines, especially by Google. They tend to have 434% more indexed pages—which translates to more leads. It’s easy to see why 81% of businesses consider their online blogs to be a significant asset. Business that blog enjoy 50% more visitors, 90% more inbound links from related websites, and 70% more leads.
  • SEO is more efficient, too. Inbound leads (such as SEO leads) cost more than 60% less than outbound leads (such as cold calls). SEO leads are also more likely to turn into customers with a 14.6% close rate—which is far larger than the 1.7% close rate of outbound leads.

  • Of all the search engines, Google is the most important. It owns 70% of the search engine market that is currently worth over $16 billion, with more than 100 billion Google searches done globally each month. This search engine giant’s desktop market share is 64%–a huge leap from 12.5% for Yahoo and 21% for Microsoft. Google also holds 94% of the mobile search market share as of December 2015.
  • Mobile SEO is also more important than ever. As of March 2015, search queries made from smartphones and tablets made up roughly 29% of total search volume—which means that at least one in 5 of your potential customers will look for products or services you offer using a mobile device. A 2015 BrightLocal survey even reveals that 61% of consumers are more likely to call or contact a local business that has a mobile optimized site. The conversion rate for mobile is impressive, too, with 18% of local mobile searches leading to a sale within a day. Almost 60% of users say they will not recommend businesses with poorly designed mobile websites, and 40% immediately go to the competitor’s website after a bad mobile experience.Add to this the fact that Google tends to favor mobile friendly websites and it becomes clear why the most successful online businesses ensure that their pages are optimized for smaller screen sizes and faster load times.

It’s Time to Invest in SEO Solutions

Search engine optimization remains to be the basis of a solid online marketing strategy. A poll by Econsultancy indicates that 73% of marketers think that SEO provides a‘good to excellent’return on investment. A similar study by Ascend2 showed that 89% of marketers from around the globe rated SEO as‘successful’ at achieving their objectives of improving search rankings and generating leads.

If you are serious about selling or getting more leads online, then SEO is extremely important for your business because it can allow you to beat your competitors and even slay giants, as they say. Only with SEO can a small company like yours compete with global conglomerates for the same keywords. SEO services effectively generate relevant traffic and increase sales. It is also a cost-effective way to gain more traffic compared to paid advertising.

The right SEO solutions will put your business in front of your target customers—people who are already actively looking for the services or goods you offer and are therefore likelier to make a purchase. Unlike other online marketing strategies that sometimes generate irrelevant traffic, a good SEO strategy can connect you to a captive audience to help you achieve optimum conversion.

In addition, SEO is a fantastic way to improve your website’s overall quality by making it faster, more user-friendly, and much easier to navigate. This inherently elevates the user experience, convinces visitors to stay on your site longer, and may even prompt them to make a purchase. A high-quality and user-friendly website also inspired trust and loyalty. Customers are likelier to come back if they liked their first experience on your site.

Here’s the thing, though: search engine optimization anything but straightforward. Pushing your website to the top of the SERPs involves technical planning and execution. This is why successful companies prefer to outsource SEO services to experts who have theskills and knowledge to do the work efficiently and effectively.

Finding the Right SEO Solutions

The key to reaping all the benefits of SEO is to work with a company that can provide complete optimization solutions. You can’t go wrong with SEO Resellers Canada. We do not only work with national franchises and mega corporations—we also help smaller businesses get their fair share of the online market through individualized SEO solutions in Kelowna. With us, you can intercept new potential customers and turn them into loyal clients.

The biggest indicator of our success rate is our 97% retention rate. Unlike other SEO companies, we deliver measurable and sustainable results. Our comprehensive solutions will optimise your website from the ground up to ensure that it becomes resilient against algorithmic changes that often annihilate weaker websites.

SEO Resellers Canadacan provide both on-site and off-site SEO. From restructuring your website to providing optimized content down to earning relevant inbound links on your behalf, we can do everything you can’t. Our methods are always long-term and never sketchy. The goal is to make your website credible and trustworthy so that you can enjoy great rankings over many years.

When it comes to pricing, experience, reliability, and quality of service, you can get the best value from SEO Resellers Canada. Talk to our search engine optimization experts today for a FREE 45-minute consultation.

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