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Are you interested in bringing ready-to-purchase customers to your website instantly? Do you wish to gain profits from digital marketing strategies without having to wait forever for the results?

Then PPC or pay-per-click is everything you need to focus on.

Not only do well-planned PPC ads generate double the number of digital visitors but have 200% ROI. A well-planned PPC campaign can generate $2 revenue for every $1 spent on PPC advertising.

However, to ensure your investment in PPC is worth every penny, you must work with skilled PPC experts. And this is where SEO Resellers Canada comes across as the preferred PPC partner.

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Maximized ROI

Our quantified strategies can convert leads into paying customers, thereby enhancing your returns on investment.


Boosted brand visibility

Our Kelowna PPC company follows result driven PPC techniques. From boosting your rank on SERPs to enhancing your social media presence, brand visibility and awareness, we can do it all.


Reduced CPC

We know how to skilfully bid on the right keywords, thereby reducing the overall CPC (cost-per-conversion). We strive to boost the quality score level, too.

quantified strategies can convert leads

Increase in quality traffic

Our exemplary targeted campaigns guide high-quality traffic to your site.


Value for your investment

We send detailed performance reports on a regular basis, allowing you to see how your investment is being used for your company’s benefit.


Stand out in the market

Our Kelowna PPC Company focuses on developing unique copies that help your brand stand out from your competitive peers.

At SEO Resellers Canada, we follow a proven methodology to produce result-driven PPC campaigns to obtain high returns.

  • Our PPC experts in Kelowna conduct in-depth research to generate a list of keywords that best represents your products, services, and the company as a whole.
  • The experts then focus on writing ads and seamlessly incorporate the targeted keywords in those written copies.
  • We also focus on determining the target audience and setting the time and demographics to display the ads accordingly.
  • Our PPC agency in Kelowna ensures your ads reach the right place at the right time and at the lowest expenses possible. We aim for the best ROIs.
  • Our experts monitor the PPC ads’ performance continuously post-launching. And even set the optimum bid value for those ads.
  • With regular follow-ups, our PPC professionals periodically re-strategize and audit the campaigns whenever necessary.
quantified strategies can convert leads

PPC management with a strategic vision

We are the leading PPC management company in Kelowna, with decades-worth of experience in the field.

Our seasoned team of digital marketing experts knows what it takes to develop a result-oriented strategy – one that targets a relevant audience, yields better ROI, expands your digital reach and generates trust amongst your new audience.

Our paid ad managers have competencies in producing cost-effective and measurable PPC marketing strategies.

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What makes SEO Resellers Canada a prime choice amongst clients?

SEO Resellers Canada is a full-service PPC management agency in Kelowna. We have a huge team dedicated to PPC management. Their job is to conduct social media advertising, ad creative testing and sales funnel development for our clients.

The PPC strategies that our experts suggest are backed by their decades-worth of experience in the field. Many of the tricks and tips we suggest are successfully implemented by our Kelowna PPC company to generate leads for the company.

We are one of the very few digital marketing agencies that are confident in helping your brand grow. We are the best choice as your go-to PPC agency in Kelowna for multiple reasons, including –

  • We have more than 18 years of proven track record in the industry. Have faith in us when we say, “we are aware of how to do PPC management in Kelowna better.”
  • We rely heavily on our research skills, experience and industry knowledge to bring high-quality traffic to your website.
  • We do not outsource your PPC requirements. We are well-equipped with relevant tools, software, and a team of experts to do it all on our own.
  • We tend to deliver exceptional customer service. For our Kelowna PPC company, your satisfaction matters the most.
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Types of paid ads SEO Resellers Canada can assist with –

Local ads

Local ads can be run on any advertising platform. But you must know that there will always be a platform that works better than the other one.

To determine which platform might be an effective choice, PPC management company in Kelowna works closely with your marketing team to comprehend your budget, goals and needs.

Accordingly, we choose between Google AdWords, Local Service Ads and Facebook ads. In some cases, we utilize all three platforms to boost the effectiveness of the campaign.

Social ads

Every digital ad you come across on social media sites can be termed a social ad. To maintain the freshness of the social ads, we assist with rotating the ads every few weeks.

With social ads, you can target audiences you never knew would be interested in your services and products. But, with such a target audience, the conversion rates are typically lower. Once coming across your services and offerings, your newly acquired audience may want to know you better before making the purchase.

Search ads

If you know people are actively looking for services and products you offer, then investing in search ads is crucial.

Also referred to as SEM (search engine marketing), search ads appear on the SERPs. Along with Google, our PPC Expert Kelownastrong> will also utilize Bing to run your ads. After all, Bing is used by 3.57% of digital users, as per StatCounter’s October 2022 study.

Social ads

The next on the list of types of paid ads we deal with is display ads. These types of ads appear on chat rooms, news websites, game lounges, gossip websites, etc.

Display ads are commonly used across Bing and Google ad platforms.

Our experts focus on different sizes of ad creatives when working on display ads. This helps gain a general idea of the target audience. However, both ad platforms have dedicated algorithms that assist in generating results from ad spending.

Shopping ads

Shopping ads gained popularity after the launch of Google Shopping Campaigns.

If you own an ecommerce website, then our PPC Management Agency in Kelowna will focus on creating a Google Merchant Centre account, Google Ads account for the storefront and gathering product feed (The TXT or CSV).

With the help of these tools, we give Google Ads relevant product data such as availability, SKU, title, price, and image. Once that is done, Google will be able to find relevant search queries to display your services and products on top of SERPs.

Retargeting ads

Not everyone that comes across your ads will end up purchasing from you.

In such scenarios, focusing on retargeting ads becomes crucial.

Our experts strategize your PPC Management in Kelowna in a way that brings the customers back for more. We use different types of ad platforms to help you retarget your target audience.

Video ads

You can also run paid ads on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

If your focus is to run YouTube Ads, our experts will start with setting up a video ads campaign in Google Ads.

To run Facebook ads or Instagram ads, we will focus on setting up Facebook ads. Irrespective of the platform you choose, know that video ads are an excellent choice for enhancing conversion rate. You can use video ads to offer custom services, provide a personal introduction or display products or service launches.


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PPC management is a vital type of digital marketing that helps an organization gain a higher ranking on SERP (search engine result page) or social media websites.

PPC gives your company a chance to showcase the services and products you offer while offering the consumers vital details of purchasing.

PPC is highly effective in driving sales, increasing revenue and obtaining new leads.

PPC management is crucial because it enables your company to gauge your marketing efforts and obtain control over the return on investment you obtain from those efforts.

With a relevant and well-planned PPC campaign, your company can make improvements and changes in real time on the basis of results from each ad campaign

Do you wish to drive ready-to-purchase traffic to your website? Are you interested in spending money on your marketing strategies? However, do you lack relevant resources and skilled experts on your team?

Well, if the answer to all of these questions is “Yes,” then you definitely need to outsource your PPC needs from a PPC expert or PPC Agency in Kelowna.

Yes, irrespective of your industry niche, business size or marketing goal, you are bound to benefit from well-planned PPC strategies.

PPC has the ability to generate rapid results. It targets the right market at the right hour. For best results, you can consider creating a harmonious marketing strategy with SEO and PPC. These prime factors of digital marketing will yield you the results you are looking for in both the short and long term.

While PPC Reseller in Kelowna is capable of offering complete paid advertising management services to clients, irrespective of their industry expertise, we are also capable of augmenting your marketing department to fill in any missing skill sets at your firm.

Let’s talk and determine your needs and work out a plan that benefits you the most!

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