What is White Label SEO and How Does It Work?

What is White Label SEO and How Does It Work?

Learn about White Label SEO Services and How it Works

In the digital marketing world, leverage is of paramount importance and that is only possible if you maximize search engine optimization for your business. To be successful you’re going to need an expert with you and that’s exactly what white label SEO services offer you. It allows you to outsource SEO services to a specialist who will come into the picture to help you out.

The history of white label SEO is a long-standing one, but most small businesses today still don’t recognize the value of white label SEO. That’s something we’re going to try and resolve in this post by highlighting the many benefits of such services, and how you can get white label SEO working for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive headfirst into white label SEO services and how they work.


1. What is White Label SEO?

In essence, white label SEO services offer fulfilment services and SEO software for other digital marketing companies. These companies are known as SEO Resellers that sell white label SEO products and services with their own branding. The white label company will offer delivery, infrastructure, and tools, while the reseller will sell their products and manage customer relationships.

To give you a clearer idea of white label SEO services, we’ll create a hypothetical example where SEO services are chocolate milk. It’s easier to understand, rich in calcium, and delicious. Companies such as SEO Resellers Canada spend money on raising cows, mixing milk with chocolate, and bottle it. The SEO Resellers will then put their name and branding on the chocolate milk as they have stores and customers buy from their stores. The SEO Resellers don’t need to go through the trouble of raising the livestock and can sell the delicious chocolate milk to their customers.

That’s how white label SEO works, except that the chocolate milk is made up of social media posts, blogs, link building tools, and SEO software. To make this arrangement work, the white label partner and the reseller must manage to earn profits from this relationship, and still offer high-quality SEO services that their customers can afford.

If there’s one thing everyone agrees on in the SEO world it’s that white label SEO is an appealing service for digital marketing agencies, especially those companies that struggle with SEO. Some small businesses don’t have the time to focus on SEO as they are too busy focusing on website management, customer acquisition, and services.

2. Why Digital Agencies Need White Label SEO Services?


It’s one thing to set up and manage an online business for one customer and an entirely different proposition to attract the right audience to that business. You will come across some customers who aren’t interested in expanding their reach and earning more targeted organic traffic and improving conversions. Your existing customers may be wondering why you can’t offer SEO services and may even be shopping around for an SEO agency that can handle their operations.

SEO must always be at the forefront of the minds of digital agencies because SEO has proven to be the most effective way to generate organic leads and traffic for any online business. According to Internet Live Stats, there are over 4 billion Google searches in a single day! Compared to other search engines, Google remains the most used platform with a whopping 74% net share.

Based on the statistics above, you can easily determine how you and your customers are missing out on SEO. Thinking about the sheer volume of search queries in a day, you can easily tap into hundreds of thousands of your customer’s clients and also upsell to existing customers.

Don’t think of it as an existing service as it is mainly a complimentary service. The best thing about white label SEO services is that you don’t need an in-house team to provide SEO services to customers. You can easily outsource it and still reap the rewards while turning out a decent profit.

3. Why Digital Agencies Should Consider White Label SEO

White Label SEO is essentially outsourcing SEO services to clients as part of your digital agency’s own services. As a white label SEO Reseller, you can brand the SEO reports with your logo ensuring that the clients acknowledge the work as yours, even though you’ve outsourced the entire project to a third-party service provider.

White Label SEO reselling has become standard practice for all kinds of digital agencies from branding to web design agencies, to e-commerce and backend management agencies. There’s no additional manpower required, ensuring that the cost of reselling white label SEO is more affordable than hiring new employees.

When you acquire white label SEO services you don’t need to be an SEO expert, and if your clients have questions about SEO, you can forward them to your white label SEO provider and get answers from them. Your clients don’t need to know anything about that because what matters is that the answers accurately address the questions. When data and reports are required, they will be branded with your logo.

White label SEO will complement other services you’re offering to clients, and as your clients trust you, they will trust you to handle all their SEO instead of hiring a freelancer or another agency. It’s easier for them to have their web services managed by one reputable and trustworthy agency, which makes upselling white label SEO easy to anyone that is interested in acquiring SEO services.

Now, you only need to know what you should expect from your white label SEO provider. Luckily for you, we’re going to show you how you can choose the best white label SEO provider to collaborate with your agency, and what kind of questions you should be asking the provider before you hire them by the end of this guide.

4. Main Services You Should Expect from White Label SEO Providers


When you’re searching for reputable white label SEO providers, you want to ensure that you’re getting the right kind of services. You must already have an idea that SEO is mainly focused on ranking for keywords in the SERPs of Google and for acquiring organic search traffic for your website.

However, that’s not all SEO is necessary for and you must ensure that your white label SEO provider offers you the main services for high-quality SEO. The precise deliverables, plans, and services are different from agency to agency, but for the most part, you’ll find the following services at the top White Label SEO vendors:

4.1. On-Page SEO Audits

An On-Page SEO audit analyzes your client’s complete website and offers the ability to rank high in the SERPs of Google. That includes technical factors, UX, and keyword optimization. Any decent white label SEO provider will scan the entire website to identify SEO issues and categorize them in order of importance. The result is going to be a comprehensive report that outlines the complete summary of SEO issues along with a complete performance analysis of the website.

The On-page SEO audit will consist of the following:

  • Website loading speed
  • Migration issues (redirects, domains)
  • Website security (HTTPS versus HTTP)
  • Images that aren’t optimized (no alt tags, not compressed)
  • Broken pages and links (404 errors)
  • Empty meta title and meta description

Observing these factors will allow you to start thinking about coming up with a plan to improve the SEO and UX of your client’s website.

An experienced white label SEO provider, such as SEO Resellers Canada will go the extra mile to recommend specific improvements and fixes in the report. However, the decision to act on and what to share with the customers must be left to the reseller.

Questions for On-Page SEO Audits

Can People Without Any SEO Experience Understand the Audit Report?

Technical SEO audit is a common practice that non-SEO people will struggle to understand, which is why, as the one providing SEO services to customers, you must send them an easy-to-digest audit report. It will help your clients understand why you’re tweaking their website for SEO purposes. The report should break down technical terms and dumb down the language so even the laymen can understand it easily.

· Can You Restore the Website Back to Its Previous State if Things Go Wrong?

When you’re implementing changes on a website based on its audit report suggestions, there is always a chance that the website breaks down. You want to avoid this scenario if possible, but even if it does happen, you’ll need a guarantee from the white label SEO provider that the website will be restored back to normal quickly. A broken website will result in wasted sales opportunities and loss of customers and reputation for your clients.

· Can You Put Me in Contact with Previous Customers?

The main issue you’re going to face when working with a white label SEO reseller on a technical SEO audit is trust. They’ll be the ones who audit and optimize your client’s website and will, therefore, have backend access. However, before that happens you must get complete assurance from the white label SEO provider that they’ll do their work only without disturbing anything else.

Having recommendations from previous clients is one of the best ways to ensure if they’re trustworthy. It will allow you to try and limit their account privileges and put them on a leash if you want to.

4.2. Keyword Research

Keyword research is critical at the beginning of every SEO strategy and before starting any of your SEO tasks, your white label SEO provider will need to conduct keyword research. The goal is to find keywords that have relatively high search volume and low competition, which are relevant to a website’s pages.

You may want to ensure that they’re going to be completely responsible for this and are putting in the effort to get this step right.

Questions for Keyword Research

· How Will You Conduct Keyword Research?

There are two types of keyword research, the standard and competitor-based. In the standard keyword research, the white label SEO provider will find keyword ideas from seed keywords. Competitor-based keyword research involves finding keywords for clients using their closest competitors.

There’s great value in both types of keyword research and it’s ideal that the provider performs both methods to extract new keywords.

· What Tools Are You Using for Keyword Research?

Keyword research requires targeted tools, and there’s no real way to do this manually. However, it means that the white label SEO seller will use a keyword research tool. The SEO seller may not disclose what tool they are using for keyword research, but you can still ask them to give you a sample for keyword research on a seed keyword or a particular topic.

· What Types of Keywords Will You Target?

The correct answer for this depends on the type of website you want to optimize. If your client is selling something from their website, the white label SEO seller must research commercial keywords. For customer’s who’re focused on content marketing, the SEO seller will search for informative keywords. The white label SEO seller must consider searcher intent and other factors like niche competition, search volume, and keyword research.

4.3. Link Building 

Link building is probably the task that every website must undertake if they want to rank highly in the SERPs. These rankings can be achieved without any backlinks but it’s more challenging, and no backlinks mean low domain authority, trust flow, and citation flow. Backlinks have been considered an important and influential SEO factor as the more backlinks a website has from authoritative websites in their industry, the higher it’s rankings will be on SERPs.

Therefore, creating a campaign to acquire links from the client’s website is a necessary action that must be in every SEO strategy. Apart from the main SEO benefits, backlinks are highly valuable for acquiring targeted referral traffic. That is the reason why link building has always been a major selling point for customers who want to acquire SEO services, generating leads, and website traffic.

When working with a white label SEO seller ensure that they know how to build a diverse link profile and that they know how to build quality links and understand not to use spammy links.

Questions for Link Building 

· Do You Build Black Hat Backlinks?

You must ensure that the white label SEO seller doesn’t dabble in black hat SEO techniques because building links is hard enough as it is. It will become even harder if the SEO seller builds spammy links that damage the website of your clients. You must determine the quality of the links from the samples.

· What Types of Backlinks Do You Build?

It’s imperative that the white label SEO reseller focuses on building unique, diverse, and quality backlinks. Hopefully, they’ll inform you about any specific SEO metrics they are aiming for each backlink.

· Can You Show Samples of Links You’ve Built for Previous Clients?

If the white label SEO seller talks the talk, they should also walk the walk. Ask them for samples that will indicate what kind of links they can build for your client’s website. You only want to work with an SEO seller that builds great links, which is why you must look at the overall quality of their link building skills.

4.4. Keyword Rank Tracking

To learn whether your or not your SEO efforts are bearing any fruit you must track search rankings for the target keywords in Google. The higher the search ranking, the more effective the SEO strategy is and if there’s a drop in the search rankings the SEO seller will need to tweak their strategy.

You must ensure that the white label SEO seller sends you regular reports on this and you should also use your keyword rank tracker to keep an eye on things.

Questions for Keyword Rank Tracking 

· Do You Send Ranking Reports?

Ranking reports are generally sent in PDF form through email, but it’s possible that some SEO resellers may give you dashboard access to your clients, so they can look at the search ranking results. This offers more flexibility to your clients.

· Do You Track Global or Local Rankings?

It’s possible that a white label SEO reseller doesn’t cover local pack rankings and only covers global rankings. If your client is looking to rank for local search, you’ll need to find an SEO reseller who will accommodate those needs. You should also know that local SEO needs different tactics than SEO done on a global scale.

· When Do You Track Rankings?

Some SEO resellers may only provide ranking reports after every 3 days and not on a weekly or monthly basis. However, this depends on your client’s preference and ideally, it’s preferred to track daily rankings to get a better idea about the movement in search positions of the website pages of your client.

4.5. General SEO Reporting

Clients would want to receive regular reports about the SEO progress of your agency. Most clients aren’t tech-savvy, which is why you must present a report that is easy to understand for them. SEO data is difficult to break down into tiny bits and pieces, which is why you need your white label SEO reseller to provide reports that are easy to read and detailed.

Using visual elements like graphs and pie charts is a great way to break down an SEO report in an easy manner. A summary of every KPI or metric also helps clients understand what’s going on with their SEO.

Questions for General SEO Reporting

· Can You Explain the SEO Report on Call to a Client?

Some clients may want to discuss SEO data and analysis over the phone and because you don’t know what’s in the report. In this case, you would require the expertise of the SEO reseller to break down the details and explain it to the client. Hopefully, they can handle occasional call requests to reassure clients about their SEO reports.

· Are You Only Analyzing or Reporting the Data?

There’s a big difference between analysis and reporting. The former is generally stating what happened to your website in any given period using the given KPIs. The latter will offer actionable items on how you can improve your website based on the provided data and discuss why the results are the way they are. Website analysis is preferred instead of only reporting.

· What KPIs are You Tracking for Clients?

This question will depend on the type of website that your client is running. Normally, SEO reports are goal-oriented and stick to scalable metrics that provide great results. For instance, if the SEO seller refers to website traffic as the only KPI they are not analyzing the website properly. To understand website traffic, the SEO seller must determine specific goals such as cost, click-through rate, conversion rate, page views, and others.

5. What Are the Benefits of White Label SEO?

There are several high-quality white label SEO resellers out there, and if you’re not sure whether you should work with one, we’ve provided some of the main benefits they can offer you. These include:

5.1. Achieve Economies of Scale

Every business wants to achieve economies of scale and as the business grows, there are going to be more links they want to optimize. That will mean hiring more people for SEO, which is something that not every business can afford. That is when a team of SEO experts comes in handy and a white label SEO reseller offers just that.

They already have established strategies to help create opportunities for your business and the services will also help leverage your marketing to offer favourable outcomes.

5.2. Focus on Your Strengths

Once you don’t need to worry about the SEO of your business website you can divert your attention to building your business up. A white label SEO reseller will handle everything about SEO so that you don’t need to spend time and money on learning SEO or investing in technology and resources.

You can, therefore, focus on improving your products and services, and how to acquire new clients. With the expertise and experience of a white label SEO reseller, you are assured that your SEO is in safe hands.

5.3. Have Quality Control

Link building requires expertise and skill and hiring a white label SEO reseller ensures that you will get quality links for your business website. These links send a strong message to search engines and will show the quality and competency of your website.

With high-quality links, your website will achieve better rankings and attract more potential customers for your brand. White label SEO providers, like SEO Resellers Canada, are capable and dependable enough to fully trust with your SEO services.

5.4. Increased Revenues

The tools used by white label SEO resellers are going to make it easier for you to target customers and sell your products and services to them. These tools will include the likes of white papers, sales kits, pitch decks, and more. With experienced SEO experts, you can expect greater revenues for your company as the service will save you time and money while improving your bottom line.

5.5. Greater Customer Satisfaction

Having competent and experienced SEO professionals managing the SEO of your client’s website ensures that the standards will be of the highest quality. Apart from that, white label SEO resellers will also offer dedicated customer support and services to your clients.

Customers will find your products quickly, and a key part of the services offered by a white label SEO reseller is committed to improving online visibility and search rankings. That will make your client’s business website easier to find for customers and will result in greater customer satisfaction.

5.6. Get Ranking Reports

One key process to ensure smooth operations and a successful growing business is the ability to analyze your performance. With any kind of campaign that you’re running, you must study the rankings and statistics and with white label SEO resellers, you’ll get detailed reports and analysis to help you make critical business decisions for the future.

White label SEO resellers submit reports regularly to allow companies to optimize their campaigns, and you must evaluate the reports properly to attain success.

5.7. Get Custom Solutions

One of the best parts of acquiring white label SEO reseller services is that you get bespoke solutions for any kind of business that services its niche and needs. The SEO reseller will conduct a website evaluation and compile reports on what works and what doesn’t work.

Using the report, the SEO reseller will recommend on the improvements, strategies, weaknesses, and strengths of your client. That will help your business keep quality and relevant links that will help your company achieve new heights, which would have been a challenge otherwise.

6. Conclusion

When it comes to choosing a quality White Label SEO Reseller for your agency you must not act quickly as it is imperative you make the right choice. It’s a big step and by following the tips and advice in this post, you’ll manage to find the right one that will take your digital agency to the next level. Keep in mind that the customer always comes first, which is why you must not hold back when it comes to finding the best white label SEO reseller for their website.

At the same time, you must also be happy with the white label SEO reseller you’re working with as it shouldn’t make your work harder. Finding an SEO reseller that you’re comfortable with is vital to the success of your digital agency. That’s the reason why it’s so important that you work with a reputable white label SEO reseller such as SEO Resellers Canada.

We could sing the praises of white label SEO for hours and write an extensive list of pros and cons as we’ve seen this model work for thousands of agencies. However, the SEO reseller model works best if the reseller offers stellar customer service and has an affordable base rate. Ultimately you want to find a white label SEO company that you can build a lasting relationship with and when it comes to the biggest SEO resellers in Canada, there is none better than SEO Resellers Canada. Get in touch with us today!



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