Google Announces Core Search Algorithm Updates

Google Announces Core Search Algorithm Updates

Google Announces Core Search Algorithm Updates

Google has been in the news for tweaking its core algorithm, yet again. While it has been carrying out a lot of updates over the course of the year, core updates are few and far between. So, it is natural for a digital marketer and online business owner to be intrigued when it launched a core update on 3rd June 2019. The update went on for 3 days as they needed to update a lot of servers and data centers across the globe.

The update impacts how the search engine ranks a website and how the site is displayed on the search engine results page (SERP). This update was also unique due to the way it was rolled out. Earlier, many developers asked Google to disclose an update so that they can tweak their campaigns accordingly. But Google never used to disclose an update.

However, this time round, developers were in for a pleasant surprise. Google did the unthinkable and did a pre-rollout announcement of the upcoming updates.

Why the reason for this new approach to rolling out core updates?

Remember the older days when the SEO community used to come up with names like Fred or Phantom to indicate a set of core updates. Well, Google thought it was wiser to announce an update was going to happen soon. This is a better alternative than letting the online community of webmasters come up with jazzy names for the updates.

There is a great upside to this approach of announcing the rollout of the core updates. Webmasters and SEO experts can now get some time to do tweaking at their end based on the new updates. For this specific update though, experts like Danny Sullivan have mentioned that there is no need to worry this time, as there is no major ‘fix’ needed.


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