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Kelowna Local SEO

Here’s the hard truth: Without local SEO, you will lose sales. Your potential customers in Kelowna won’t find your business if your listing doesn’t appear whenever they Google your products or services. Your competitors are outranking you and getting a lion’s share of the market—all while you struggle to generate leads.

The good news is, you don’t have to stay in the dark forever. Hire a local SEO specialist in Kelowna to boost your ranks and maximize your search exposure.

A professionally designed and managed local SEO campaign can give your business the visibility and relevant traffic it needs. Let SEO Resellers Canada push you to the top! We have been helping small businesses in Kelowna for many years. Call our SEO experts today for a consultation.

Climbing to the TOP 3

Do you have any idea how your website fares in local search? To find out, do this simple test: Google your products and services and append the word, ‘Kelowna.’ If you run a salon in the city, for example, run a search for ‘hair salons in Kelowna.’ If you run an accounting practice serving clients in Kelowna and around BC, search for ‘accountants in British Columbia.’

Now look at the results. Where is your website? Is it on the TOP 3? If not, then you might as well be invisible!

Studies show that a majority of search engine users only see the links on top of the search results page and ignore the rest.

What’s more, Google now only displays the TOP 3 local search results instead of the usual 7. The search engine giant recently rolled out an update called Snack Pack, which trimmed the results page for mobile screens.

In short, if your listing is not in the TOP 3, your potential customers in Kelowna might never find you.

But don’t worry—the game isn’t over.SEO Resellers Canada can push your website to the top. We have a very deep understanding of how Google’s proximity-based search technology works and we can use that knowledge to engineer your success. Call us today so we can diagnose your website and propose a line of attack thatputs you on the map and lets you take your fair share of the market.

Our local SEO methodology is a dynamic combination of strategies that can give you online exposure in Kelowna. Aside from building geo-targeted content for you, we also examine the accuracy of your details, optimize your Snack Pack listing, and find ways to increase your Google pin and Yelp reviews. Our goal is to encourage your potential customers to actually click on your listing and head over to your shop, call your store, or visit your website.


Can You DIY Local SEO?

You can try, but you will likely waste time and money. Local SEO is a complicated process that goes beyond simply submitting your site to directories and to Google Listings. It involves several functions, including continuous updates and submissions to Bing, Google, and other major online directories in British Columbia. It means checking your geographic information regularly to ensure accuracy. It also means optimizing your information until youachieve optimal map results positioning. On top of that, you need to optimize for mobile search—and any error can cost your website to be blacklisted.

With everything else that you need to do as a small business owner, do you really have the time and the energy to learn local SEO and attempt to optimize your own listings? Probably not. It makes more sense to hire online marketing professionals in Kelowna to do the job for you.

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SEO Resellers Canada is a leading SEO company specializing in Kelowna. We have helped hundreds of small businesses in British Columbia and across Canada—and we can boost your rankings, too. Talk to us today!

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