How Artificial Intelligence Can Help With Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help With Marketing

Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence has been used in many different facets of business use cases, whether it is over the internet or for real-life applications. Artificial intelligence is being used everywhere, and now it is being used for marketing as well. Not only is it being used in marketing, but it is also insanely good at what it does. From crawlers to bots and campaign optimization, you name it. AI saves time and boosts efficiency so that people can focus on growth and scaling up.

1 – Strengthening Customer Segmentation

Artificial intelligence has been powering customer segmentation, like push notifications, retargeting, click tracking and many more limitless possibilities. Artificial intelligence has the capability of creating its own content from scratch! You can even see live demonstrations of this.

If you consider using AI for your digital marketing portfolio, you will need to sort out your goals and channels. To keep up with the latest marketing trends, you would have already hired a digital marketing team and those who know how to use artificial intelligence in their marketing intelligence and delivery systems.

According to a Blueshift study, 28% of the marketers have started using AI for product recommendation and 26% of them are using it for campaign optimization. 39% are using it for audience targeting and a whopping 43% are using it for audience expansion. This does not come as a surprise in today’s day and age. In fact, 64% of marketers intend on using AI for their marketing campaigns in the next twelve months from 2019.

2 – Accelerating Sales

Basically, you are boosting your sales by a mile just by the presence of an AI within your marketing scheme. Not just that, it can enhance customer service. As per a Forrester’s Global State of Artificial Intelligence Online Survey, nearly 6 out of 10 businesses are using AI to improve on their customer support and experience, while 44% of them are using AI to help improve upon existing products and services.

Artificial intelligence is just flexible enough, that people are using it in a myriad of enhancive ways. AI allows for introducing new business models, products and services that can take the industry by storm through its innovation. It helps figure ways to increase customer satisfaction and net promoter scores, while also providing new revenue streams and increasing them. From product development to increasing customer lifetime value, it seems AI has gotten everything covered.

3 – Personalization Should be at the heart of AI implementation

Now the question we arrive at is how artificial intelligence can help businesses achieve growth goals. And the answer is through personalization. Businesses have found a means of personalizing their marketing to each lead, which turns them from a marketing qualified lead to a sales qualified lead. In an online marketing survey by IDC, we find that marketers believe that AI delivers personalized headlines and advertising copy, as well as personalized advertising design formats and initiating personalized advertising creative.

Despite the many seemingly obvious benefits to artificial intelligence, only 14% have already implemented them into their marketing strategies. These benefits show why companies need to ramp up AI strategy and roadmap building at an accelerated pace.


author – Jamie – Barton
Jamie Barton
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