All You Need To Know About SEO Reseller Programs

All You Need To Know About SEO Reseller Programs

Everything you should know about SEO reseller programs

SEO reseller programs are more advantageous than simply reselling domain names, hosting, development services, and other services which are available on the internet.

SEO reseller programs are in demand, and various SEO agencies and web designing companies are utilizing these reseller programs. The reason is that these programs help in delivering the desired results which are required for a successful business.

Your client will get results, and these will make your business grow, allowing you time to bring in more clients.

If you are considering joining an SEO reseller program, then you need to choose the one which complements your services.

Look for a value-based business cost, so that you don’t need to invest in your own SEO department, which will be very expensive.

While choosing an SEO reseller program, you need to be careful, as some firms make use of SEO strategies in a negative way.

These strategies can be keyword stuffing or adding irrelevant keywords. Some SEO reseller services may use black hat techniques to gain quicker financial returns.

You would never want this kind of strategy, as it very likely will get you banned. Therefore, focus on choosing one which can provide sustainable results and get you desirable results and positioning.

You need to know that Google is extremely smart as it relates to link building and ranking.

Google makes use of sophisticated link analysis and discovers how the pages are related to each other and in what ways. All of this is done with the focus on algorithmic use and analysis of links, attention, and traffic.

Links on the web page are interpreted as votes, and when the algorithm is executed on a link graph, pages that are receiving more votes are more important.

So, Google is responsible for getting you higher rankings if you have the proper focus on top quality links to your website.

SEO reseller programs are created according to the needs of the client, and there is no standard for a reseller program, as different businesses have different needs.

Online marketing is completely geo-specific, and with location, the competition changes.

For example, if you are running a business in Vancouver, then the companies which are running the same business in Edmonton are not your competitors directly.

Thus, you need a reseller program that is based upon the organic positions of your competitors.


What Are SEO Resellers?

An SEO Reseller is an agency that specializes in SEO and white labels its services to other agencies (these could generally be design, development, and marketing agencies).

You should think about it as a team of SEO experts that have highly developed processes for delivering better search results across different metrics.

SEO Resellers tend to have extensive relationships with editors, publishers, and writers, to get high-quality backlinks at scale. They also tend to have a team of copywriters that can help you come up with engaging content.

It’s not unusual for the best resellers in the business to provide customers with a simple dashboard for ordering links/content and track their results.

Some resellers will also white-label this dashboard, so you can show your clients how their campaign is performing exactly. In short, SEO Resellers help you provide clients with SEO services without hiring in-house SEO experts.

The reseller will take care of the search engine optimization while you take all the profits.

Why Outsource SEO?

There are many benefits to using SEO resellers, but fundamentally, there are three main reasons why you should be using them. These are as follows:

1. SEO is Expensive

According to a study by Credo, the average SEO consultant will charge around $173 per hour. If you want to use a consultant on an on/off basis for link building, you’re going to need to spend more money as they will cost you $194/hour.

This is confirmed by another survey from Moz, which states that a majority of SEOs in the developed world will charge you upwards of $100/hour. It’s true that you can hire SEO consultants of UpWork for under $25/hour, your results are going to suffer.

If you’re going to be outsourcing SEO, you’ll need to pay over $100/hour to get reasonable results. But what if you were to bring in SEOs in-house?

The economics here won’t work in your favor, as SEO consistently ranks among the most well-paying digital marketing specialties. According to a 2014 Moz survey, hiring a competent entry-level SEO is going to set you back by nearly $60,000.

That’s if you can even find competent SEOs that you can hire. There is a massive shortage of talent in the SEO space, and Digital Marketing Institute ranked it as their most in-demand marketing specialty. For most agencies, bringing in in-house SEOs or hiring freelancers and then training them isn’t a viable option. There is a shortage of good SEO talent that can spearhead an SEO division.

2. SEO is a Critical Service

As the owner of an agency, you already know that SEO is vital for marketing success, even in this social media-obsessed world that we live in.

A survey of business leaders across multiple industries showed that around 42% wanted to increase their SEO budgets.

SEO is particularly in demand because it benefits businesses in both the B2B and B2C niches. A survey by Ascend2 found that SEO ranked as the second most effective B2C marketing tactic, coming behind content marketing.

It’s no wonder that SEO-related spending is poised to grow to $80 billion by 2020. The data here is clear; SEO is crucial for marketing success, and businesses are investing more and more in it. The coming years are going to see an even greater increase in the demand for SEO services.

3. SEO is becoming more complicated

The complexity graph of SEO tends to follow the complexity graph of Google’s algorithm.

Back in the day, when Google still relied on anchor text and backlinks to determine rankings, you could do ‘SEO’ by stuffing your page with keywords and buying some backlinks.

However, today, Google’s algorithm is one of the most complex pieces of code on the planet. Wired claims that Google is 2 billion lines of coding and counting.

Thanks to the close integration of dozens of services into Google, this is only going to get more complicated in the near future.

That’s not even accounting for Google’s ever-changing algorithm changes, rich snippets, and the growing impact of voice search as well. All that means that the SEO’s job is harder than ever before.

They will need to keep track of Google’s algorithm updates, find link building opportunities, develop relationships, and churn out high-quality content on a consistent basis.

At the same time, sub-specialties in Google, like local search, keep getting harder because of the higher competition. For example, 62% of SEOs in a survey claimed that it is getting harder to rank in local search.

At the end of the day, SEO is costly and complicated. However, it is heavily in-demand and wildly lucrative at the same time.

Unless you have personal experience with SEO and plan on making it your key competency, it can be tough to offer at scale.

SEO Resellers make it possible for you to offer SEO services without making expensive hires or throwing money away at freelancers. That means more profits for you and happier clients at the end of the day.

The Benefits of Using an SEO Reseller

You know the fundamental reasons for using SEO resellers, which include more money and fewer overheads, but there are plenty of benefits that go beyond this as well. Let’s look at some of them below:

1. You Can Focus on Your Core Competency

If you’re a design or development agency, you should focus on what you’re good at.

SEO is quite complex, and you shouldn’t be wasting your time figuring out how to get backlinks. Instead, you should focus on the two things agencies need to be successful.

  • Get clients
  • Deliver stunning results to clients

By taking care of all SEO related work, resellers help you focus on your core expertise while giving clients what they want.

2. You Get Scalable Results

There is a big difference between ‘results’ and scalable results. You can hire a freelancer who can get you 10 quality links for a client, but when the same client wants 500 links, your freelancer may be completely out of their depth. SEO is highly process-driven.

SEO resellers have established processes to find link building opportunities, creating content, and leveraging editorial relationships. These processes can help them offer scalable results when you need them.

This scalability means that SEO resellers can contract and expand their offerings as required.

Whether you want 10 links or 1,000, your SEO reseller should be able to accommodate you.

3. You Can Work with Niche Experts

What do you do when a client asks for SEO services in a niche you have no experience in, say it is e-commerce or local search? That is where an SEO reseller can help, as these resellers work with lots of customers, and they tend to have expertise across different niches.

That means you can serve E-commerce clients along with local search clients, and the result will be more profits for you.

4. You Don’t Have to Invest in New Relationships

As the owner of an agency, you’re likely to have some relationships with editors, webmasters, and content creators in your target niche.

Now, what happens when you get a client from a new vertical? To offer this client SEO services, you will need to build new relationships with editors and content creators from scratch.

Repeat this across multiple verticals, and you can see why most agencies tend to stick to a single niche, which locks up their growth potential.

SEO resellers, on the other hand, have relationships across niches. You can use these relationships to get better rankings for your clients, irrespective of their vertical.

5. You Get ‘On-Demand’ Services

Most quality SEO freelancers are going to demand a retainer. Hiring full-time SEOs doesn’t make any sense until you have enough billable SEO hours. SEO resellers, on the other hand, operate on an ‘on-demand’ model.

There are no subscription plans or contracts, as you pay for what you need when you need it. The result is lower overhead costs and higher profits at the end of the day.

6. You Don’t Have to Buy SEO Tools

According to a survey by Moz of 412 marketers and agencies, roughly 70% of respondents spend upwards of $1,000 on SEO tools every year.

That is particularly significant when you consider that nearly 2/3rd of the respondents identified themselves as ‘sole founders’ in their companies. SEO tools aren’t cheap.

For instance, an annual subscription to Ahrefs ‘Advanced’ plan for 3 users is going to set you back by nearly $4,000.

The ‘Agency’ plan is even more expensive at $9,990 per year. By using SEO resellers, you get to bypass all these costs altogether.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 15, 2017, and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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