Handy Tips to Pick a Great SEO Company

Handy Tips to Pick a Great SEO Company

How to choose the best seo company wisely in 2019

SEO has emerged as a de-facto technique to improve an online business’s competitive edge. It helps your business to rank well on the first page of Google search results. This leads to better discoverability of the website. As a result, you will see better-qualified traffic in higher volume. When they stay on the site for a long time, the chances of them converting to loyal customers from casual strangers goes up significantly.

Therefore SEO is considered an important weapon in the digital marketing arsenal. Since it is far more cost-effective than paid ads, many businesses opt for SEO services in order to gain the upper hand and rank over and above their competition.

SEO companies will undertake a range of activities in a comprehensive SEO campaign. All these will be implemented in order to propel the site’s visibility and attract high-quality traffic in larger numbers than before. All elements like the blogs, the on-site content keywords, the meta tags, and the images will be optimized in order to get rankings to boost. Such targeted activities are sure to yield the below outcomes:

SEO companies help the business to improve their visibility online by providing the services of Search Engine Optimization. In order to re-design your site for SEO optimization, navigation, and aesthetics, the process of SEO might conduct updates to the designing of your website and content. Your site is more likely to land on the first page of search engine results pages (SERP) when it is optimized to succeed.

Why opt for an SEO company

An online business thrives on the principles of inbound marketing. Unlike outbound, pushy marketing tactics of the traditional world, digital marketing must be subtle. For this, the company needs to enlist the services of an SEO expert. With their proven strategies and high impact services, you will see the difference when you land with more business inquiries from the right set of people in your target audience, and you also acquire more customers online. Since no two industries and no two types of businesses are the same, an SEO company will not offer an off the shelf solution. Instead, first, it will try to understand the business objective and the segment of the audience being targeted. This will help the SEO companies to roll out bespoke and highly customized campaigns in an effective way

Here are some of the key advantages of using an SEO Company:

1. Higher rankings on SERPs

By utilizing advanced tools and tactics, the SEO company may work hard for boosting your site’s rankings for specific keywords. This will ensure that it gets a competitive advantage by coming up on the first page of Google SERP.

2. Ensures qualified site traffic

Imagine if you are a gardening company and people send inquiries for mobile repairs! An SEO company will ensure that if you are a gardening company, only those people will be attracted to your site who have a need for the nursery, plants, garden upkeep and helpful tips for the same. An SEO company ensures this to deliver a better level of conversions, which can increase your business.

3. Provides results that are measurable

A good SEO company will always keep you in the loop about the performance of the SEO campaigns. They will inform you if all key metrics being monitored are on track and that there is no deviation from the expected outcomes. This will help you understand the value provided to your business.

Reasons Why Companies Select SEO Firms

What should you look for in an SEO Company?

If you are looking for an SEO company to help accelerate your growth, then you may need to tread carefully. Other than budgets and timing expectations there are other factors that come into play when you finalize a capable SEO company

You need to look at some of the key factors as mentioned below before you go ahead and finalize your selection


1. Past results

The SEO companies must be able to showcase why they are a good fit for your digital marketing needs. Their experience will shed some light on how successful and experienced they are. Their past case studies will give you a glimpse of what problems they tackled and how they overcame those problems. You can determine if their clients are indeed ranking on the first page for specific keyword phrases or terms, to arrive at a decision.

2. Custom or off-the-shelf services?

A good pick for SEO services needs to provide tailored services as per your specific business needs. What may have worked for one business may not deliver the same outcomes for another business. They need to take the time to know your business and target audience. They also need to be on the same page as your organization on the goals and budgets. When you go for off the shelf solution, you may get it at a great deal, but the results may not match your business goals. Therefore, it is recommended to go with an SEO expert that first studies your business requirement and then suggests the right SEO campaign to help accomplish those needs.

3. Working in-house or outsourced?

Some companies try to pass on the project to other SEO companies and simply act as a postman between the two parties. This type of arrangement is a strict no-no. Keeping everything in-house will ensure that the SEO company has better control over the different optimization activities. They will be able to monitor the situation better and jump in whenever any deviation happens. Therefore, choose only the company that works in-house.

Bottom Line

An SEO company holds the key to your digital growth. A company that is picked in haste may not be able to align its expertise to your vision. You would definitely want to avoid such miscalculations. You need to give it deep thought and consider these above- mentioned factors before you sign up any SEO company to look after your digital marketing needs.

Treading carefully will help you make a judicious decision and pick the best SEO company out of the different options available in your region.


author – Jamie – Barton
Jamie Barton
CEO of NASN Licensing Inc. & Shopincities.com

Jamie has more than two decades of experience in accelerating brand visibility for online businesses. His company operates SEOResellersCanada.ca, a white label SEO and digital marketing agency. With his unique and actionable business processes, agencies and small businesses can successfully expand online operations without the traditional associated cost overhead.

For over 18 years we have been the solution to fit any size agency or business. Our team of creative SEO experts and marketers develop some of the best results driven campaigns in the industry.

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